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We offer a wide array of different dance genres at Peachtree City School of Dance including Ballet, Jazz, Tap Contemporary, Acro, and Hip-Hop. Click below to create an account with us. Once you've created an account, you will be able to see the class schedules and registration forms.

dancer jumping
classical ballet dancer
Classical Ballet

Ballet is designed to enable the dancer to move with agility, grace, control, speed and lightness. It is a system based on formalized movements of the body, arms and feet. We offer both modern and classical ballet pointe, variations, and pas des deux.

Twirl for Littles

The Peachtree City School of Dance offers a wide array of 'Twirl' classes. These are early childhood educational dance classes for children ages 2-6, with the intention of introducing dance, while building a strong foundation in dance and movement.

twirl dance for early childhood education in dance classes in Peachtree City
tap dancer
Tap Dance

This genre of dance is instructing students on how to rhythmically, tap their toes and heels to music using two styles of tap dance. Rhythm Tap and Broadway Tap. The latter falling into more of our musical performances. 

Hip-Hop Dance

Fast footwork, freezes and power moves are just a few of the elements that make up this popular genre of dance. Combining a variety of freestyle movements and three main styles of popping, locking, and breaking. Hip-hop dance has evolved into one of the most popular and influential styles of dance.

hip hop dancer
contemporary dancer
Contemporary Dance

Combing the elements of strong legwork of ballet, jazz and modern dance, unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction, along with contracting and releasing of the body movements describes this 20th century dance style.

Jazz Dance

This high-energy dance combines African and European dance styles. Jazz dance uses rhythmically, complex and syncopated movement, creating a formidable relationship with the music, improvisation, and dynamic play.

jazz dancer
dance team dancer
Dance Team Technique

This fun class teaches cheer and dance team technique by combining elements such as toe touches, pirouettes and pom placement. Students enrolling in Cheer Dance classes at Peachtree City School of Dance must take a dance team technique class to build this skill level.

Lyrical Dance

Telling a story through a specific song and movement, this dance style embodies genres such as ballet, jazz and acrobatics. Lyrical Dance combines ballet technique with the freedom and musicality of jazz and contemporary. 

lyrical dancer
pbt dancer
Progressing Ballet Technique

This professional dance technique and strengthening program enhances dancer's 'muscle memory' required to properly execute any dance form. PBT is an essential approach and technique for any dancer looking to improve their skillset in dance.

Cheer Dance

This specialized technique class teaches students various leaps and turn sequences that are great for dancers entering or wanting to enhance their artform with a dance company, cheer or dance team.

cheer dance team dancer
acro dancer
Acro Dance

This exciting dance style combines contemporary movement with ballet and acrobatic floor work. This is an intermediate to advanced class for those looking to evolve and develop their dance experience.

Strength & Conditioning

This professional training program is recommended for intermediate and advanced dancers to help each meet the physical demands that come with all dance art forms. 

strong dancer
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